WQS Vic Bay Classic WIN

ライダーの スレイドが優勝しました!

Vic Bay Surf Pro Classic

Vic Bay Classic Results


1. Slade Prestwich (Scottburgh) 18.65

2. Chris Zaffis (AUS) 14.20

3. Beyrick de Vries (uMhlanga) 13.40

4. Adin Masencamp (Strand) 12.65

Cap表彰式で被ってくれて 感動しました!

“It feels so good, to win my first QS is great but to win at Vic Bay is really special. I come here a lot. All the boys were frothing, it was so good to surf with such good waves. I knew today that if you wanted to win, you had to take the set waves. That was the plan and it all worked out,” said Prestwich.

決勝では9’9 ポイントを出し (ジャッジ二人は10pt)

トータルスコアー 18.65t

この優勝🥇で次のQS10000 の出場権を得ました!

サビは取れた!   ここからCT入りだ!! 


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